On the 1st of December at 7pm EST we will be filming the introduction to Justice Craft's new film project. We need as many people as possible there to act. The event will take place at the Royal Theatre in Gotham as we host a fictious gala named 'The Wayne Foundation Charity Ball.' There is a countdown timer on the homepage of the website and more information on the forums. Hope to see you all there!

[Citizen] ZATIOM what kind of skin should people wear?
[Citizen] Jewelman What Royal Theatre?

Avenger Craft's journey began about 5 months ago. With all the hype surrounding infinity war, staff were inspired to expand our own DC universe server into a Superhero network. Staff have worked their asses off to create a server that is a masterpiece and not rushed like previous attempts. AC contains 30+ custom 3D models of weapons and items, marvel themed builds, worlds and cities that will make you feel at home. There are also multiple plugin improvements that are not yet implemented onto our DC server. The server will be on a bungee cord network meaning you can do /server dc to enter JC and /server marvel to enter AC or have portals between the two! Player count for both servers will be combined.

We are estimating the server will open in 2-3 weeks, the server is currently about 95% ready for release. At a to be announced date we will be opening Character Applications on our soon to be Avenger Craft Planet Minecraft Page. (Ew Planet minecraft) yes eventually the applications will be moving to enjin! but until then PMC it is.

Though you may think this may effect the size of our community or how much time we spend on each server we believe that all - in - all in have a superhero network it will allow us to not only grow in size but to keep running for more years to come through increased donations and player count. Having a focus on AC will allow staff more private time to upgrade JC until we can move towards Phase 2 of the Awakening Update.

I've never been more excited to announce Avenger Craft simply because of how quail this server is. Cant wait for all of you to experience that.

Some of our 3d models and builds are featured in our trailer below:


Today is the 6th of March, Founders day for JC.

Today Justice Craft has reached 2 years of being public! JC and the family we have built is worth every moment of the hard times we have endured over these two crazy years, aswell as all the good times.

Though Justice Craft has been around for a minute, it feels like the past two years were almost just a testing period, a period where we see what things work and which things do not. The past two years were all about building the server up, towards the dream. Only now have we settled in, we know exactly what we want out of the server and this is what The Awakening update will hopefully bring. I look forward to making Justice Craft the greatest DC superhero server that there ever was. I look forward to making it a place we can all call home and I look forward to seeing you all online.

This wouldn't be possible without YOU. We love you all & look forward to all the years to come with you!

[Admin] UnknownNexus Good speech but you forgot the part where you say "UnknownNexus is the best staff and has made the second half ...
[Admin] Tim Drake Aww dis was so beutiful. I wuld leik tu say that JC har developed into a beutiful server and are Indexes the best and bi...


These include:
[Vigilante] - $5
[Vigilante+] - $10 (If you previously purchased donator rank this will be your rank)
[Guardian] - $15
[Guardian+] - $20
[Leaguer] - $25
[Leaguer+] - $30

These Ranks include all new cosmetics, upgrades and perks!---> go check out what each one includes @ The Justice Craft Store:

If you are Trusted you may still purchase these ranks for the amazing benefits! You can even request to keep your Trusted Prefix!

(Please ask for parental permission before purchasing! We do not grant refunds!)

[Citizen] Duke_Pig let me in pls i miss u family of JC D= <3 <3
Batman x i remember thinking that shit with Fab and Ixis XD Good old days <3

Woohoo! JC's site now has 2000 registered members, this is a valiant effort! lets keep it up!

[Citizen] pacmanny SERVER whitelisted arrrhhghggg
[Vigilante+] SebHobbit Why is the server whitelisted?
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